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Arlington Garden Photo Session, Pasadena | Los Angeles Family Photographer

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

...when the stars align and everything you ask for is exactly what you get.
twin sisters embracing sitting on a bench
Photo session with twin sisters at Arlington Garden, Pasadena, California

As a family photographer, I’m not gonna lie; the business of photography isn’t all perfect subjects, perfect locations and perfect lighting. It takes hard work and solid planning to make everything come together and appear to be effortless and "perfect". This includes always having carefully thought out contingency and back-up plans for every conceivable scenario for every single session. And that's on top of preparing a shot list, posing list, scene list, etc. Then there are those rare times when everything naturally falls into place. You could've just showed up with camera in hand because everything was already perfect.

For me, this was one of those sessions. Arlington Garden in Pasadena provided a beautiful location, perfect lighting, and two gorgeous twin sisters who were so natural in front of my lens. Let’s face it, most of us are just not that comfortable in front of the camera including me (reason 101 why I’m behind the lens, ahem!) so I just love it when the stars align and everything you ask for is exactly what you get.

Photo Session at Arlington Garden

I was honored to photograph these twin sisters before they headed off to college. I think these sample photos from our session reflect how all the elements aligned perfectly for us. Perhaps you'll agree ...

About Arlington Garden

If you've never visited Arlington Garden, consider treating yourself to the wonders of this hidden gem in the city of Pasadena. Set on three acres of Cal Trans-owned land, it features many diverse plant communities including Mediterranean, desert, meadow and much more. There are many paths meandering through the park, which are dotted with many areas to sit, relax and take in the spectacular views. And not to mention least, it's a photographer's dream location, though you will need to pay a fee and obtain a photography permit. All totally worth it as these fees along with donations keep the garden going for us all to enjoy.

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