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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Wow! So many things have changed since my last post. Covid-19 happened. And it changed just about everything as we know it, obviously.

As our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this novel coronavirus: those who are ill, the families of the loved ones lost and everyone adversely affected by it, we find ourselves facing a “new normal”. Alone together, we do our best to adjust and get through these uncertain times and we look for ways to utilize our “shelter-in-place” time.

One of the ways I’m using this time is to improve (or develop) my blogging skills. So I dug into some past photo sessions and decided to start out with this delightful lifestyle family session.

Photo: Lifestyle family photography |

But first, just what is a ‘lifestyle’ photo session, you might well ask? Essentially, it’s a cross between a documentary photography style, where no posing or direction is given by the photographer and traditional portraiture that distinctly involves specific posing by the photographer.

In a lifestyle session the photographer gives some form of direction to their subjects (e.g., “walk hand-in-hand as you look at each other”, “lean in for a kiss”/group hug, etc.) but does not formally pose people. The idea is to create images of people that look natural and show relationships and personalities.

My own approach to lifestyle photography is to gently guide/direct where needed in a relaxed way then document the authentic reactions that result. The expressions are genuine and the emotions are real. My goal is to create images that tell simple stories and capture moments that become memories cherished for a lifetime.

I always start by looking for the areas with the best light to shoot in that also provide the best context for the vibe/emotion we’re going for.

Lifestyle family photo session at home

While there is no shortage of beautiful locations to choose for a lifestyle family photo session, sometimes the best place just happens to be at home. That certainly proved to be the case in this instance.

I met up with Ken, Megan, Gracie and their adorable pupster, Frankie last November at their beautiful home in a charming suburb of Los Angeles. As soon as I arrived I was cheerfully greeted by Megan and sweet little Miss Gracie. With such a kind and warm reception I couldn’t wait for our session to begin. I just knew it was gonna be amazing!

Photo: Ken, Megan, Gracie and Frankie |

It’s all about love and family connections

I must say that during the time I spent with Megan, Ken, Gracie and Frankie, I couldn’t help but notice that they are an incredibly close-knit family who truly enjoy spending time together. Their hospitality and kind nature made it such a privilege to capture the love they share and create some special memories for them!

Photo: It’s all about family connections |

Hope you enjoy a few highlights from our session (below).

If you made it this far…

I hope you enjoyed viewing these sweet moments with this beautiful family.

Feel free to leave any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future articles below.

You can check out more family photo sessions on my website here.

Want to have images that capture the special connections in your family? Contact me to find out more about what we can create together.

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