A Fireman’s Family Holiday Session

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

December is that time of year when nearly everyone is gearing up for year-end Holiday festivities, family gatherings, and showing gratitude to all those who help make their lives a little better, a little easier, and most certainly a lot safer. Although 2018 proved to be a WTF year (IMHO) for so many here in California, it also showed us the very best part of humanity.

It was truly heartwarming to see love and compassion reach far beyond the inner circles of families and friends out to total strangers. The sheer determination of so many to carry on despite total loss and destruction is nothing short of inspiring. At the core of it all is the tireless efforts and hard work of our firefighters and law enforcement agencies. My heart-felt gratitude goes out to those men and women who risk it all and to their families and loved ones whose sacrifice makes it possible for them to do what they do.

So when this lovely family asked me again this year to shoot their annual Holiday portraits, I couldn't help but feel an extra sense of gratitude and joy. xxo

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