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Digital Composites for Newborn Photography: My secret to safe and creative newborn portraits

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Ever wonder how Newborn photographers get those adorable photos of babies tucked high on a shelf among cuddly stuffed toys or perched precariously on a prop? It’s done with the magic of digital composites!

There are different types of digital composites and many reasons to use them. In this post we'll talk about two types and why you might want to consider using them.

What are Digital Composites and how are they used in Newborn photography?

A digital composite is an image that is created using two or more images that are skillfully assembled together using special editing software.

Some Newborn composites consist of two photos merged together: one photo of the newborn being posed with a supporting hand securely holding the baby in place and another photo of the baby in the exact same pose being held securely in place from a different angle. The photos are then merged to together with professional software, removing the hands holding the baby. The result is a Newborn portrait that would otherwise be impossible or very dangerous to attempt without using a composite technique. A perfect example of this type of composite is the ‘Froggy Pose’ where the newborn baby is sitting with their chin on their hands, often straddled atop their legs.

Another type of digital composite for Newborn photography utilizes a portrait of a newborn taken on a neutral background such as a beanbag poser or basket, which is then skillfully combined with a digital backdrop.

Never, ever is it an option to place a baby in any safety-comprising pose.

Why choose newborn digital composites?

Newborn babies are fragile little beings that often move unpredictably in the blink of an eye, so their safety is the first and foremost priority. Never, ever is it an option to place a baby in any safety-comprising pose. If you see a photo a newborn and find yourself wondering “how’d they do that?” most likely it was achieved by a digital composite technique.

When done correctly, digital composites offer safe and endless creative possibilities in newborn portraiture. From classic to themed and whimsical, the sky is the limit to creating unique works of art, stunning photo books, gifts and more.

How does it work?

Before the session, parents choose their favorite digital backgrounds from the photographer who then meticulously plans the session, ensuring that the lighting setup and props work well to achieve the final vision.

After the session, the images are skillfully edited and assembled using professional software to create one of a kind photographs that are sure to become treasured heirloom

Browse the Newborn gallery on our website to view more examples of digital composites for newborns.

Benefits for Professional Photographers

Digital composites for Newborn Photography allows photographers to offer their clients a much wider and varied range of sets and props that would otherwise take years to accumulate not to mention be quite costly. This is especially useful for location-only photographers who have limited space to store props and equipment.

I hope you enjoyed this post about digital newborn composites. Contact me for more information about availability and pricing. I’d love the opportunity to create beautiful artwork and lasting memories for your newborn baby.

About the Author

Laurie "LoLo" Spencer is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Southern California specializing in emotive photography for families, couples, maternity and newborns.

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